Supplier's Agreement

This Supplier’s Agreement is the integral part of Terms of Service and is made between the supplier and CHUMBLE SP Z O.O..

All capitalized terms used in the Terms of Service shall apply to this Supplier’s Agreement with the same meanings ascribed to them in the Terms of Service.

By submitting your supplier information to us and/or selling products on the Website, the supplier agrees to proceed on the basis of this Supplier’s Agreement and Terms of Service. Please read this agreement carefully.


Supplier can use the Website for free or paid subscription. Tariff plans are available at https://esupplyparts/com/supplier/features/. Supplier may use certain features available for him in accordance with his subscription. CHUMBLE SP Z O.O. may change its tariff plans on the Website from time to time in its sole discretion.

CHUMBLE SP Z O.O. allows the following payment methods: wire transfer, direct payment/ACH (for USA only), PayPal, Amazon and Stripe.

Your subscription will be activated immediately after a payment or a payment order (for wire transfer or direct payment) is received. Subscription auto-renewal is possible for PayPal, Amazon and Stripe payments.

Refund is available within 30 days for first time subscribers.

We do not charge any other additional fees from buyers and suppliers, except for the cost of the subscription.


Supplier warrants that the products he sells to the buyer will comply with all applicable laws; be of merchantable quality and free of defects in workmanship and materials; not infringe the patent, copyright, trademark or trade secret rights of any person; and be sold to the buyer at all times at prices which are no higher than those charged by the supplier to other purchasers who purchase products of like grade and quality in similar quantities.

The supplier shall accurately describe products and all terms of sale for the Buyer.

The Supplier shall not sell illegal, counterfeit or stolen products. It is prohibited to use the Website for any unfair acts or otherwise violate this Supplier’s Agreements and Terms of Services. CHUMBLE SP Z O.O. reserves the right to suspend or terminate the subscription without returning any subscription fees paid by the supplier.

Trading Process

CHUMBLE SP Z O.O. collects buyers’ requests for spare parts on the Website and provides the supplier with the access to the requests in accordance with the tariff plan.

If the supplier has spare parts as specified in the request and available for quotation, he can respond with his quotes to the buyer. The buyer receives quotes and information about the supplier, including his contact details.

The supplier will not have access to buyer’s contact details until the buyer accepts his quote or the buyer contacts the supplier directly.

All payment and delivery conditions shall be negotiated directly between the supplier and the buyer outside of the Website.

After successful or unsuccessful completion of the transaction the buyer may leave his feedback about the supplier. Such feedback will be available on the Website for other buyers.

CHUMBLE SP Z O.O. shall not be liable for any actions (inactions) of the buyer. Please read the Terms of Service for more information on liability and indemnification terms and conditions.

Delivery and Payment of Products

All conditions of the transaction such as shipping method, payment of products, term of delivery shall be agreed between the buyer and the supplier directly. The supplier shall ship the products directly to the buyer.

Acceptance and Refund

Upon receipt of the products the buyer shall inspect the product and may accept or reject the products for defects or faults revealed by buyer’s inspection. The buyer and the supplier shall agree acceptance and refund conditions directly.

Intellectual Property

Supplier represents and warrants that the sale or use of the products provided to the buyer will not infringe or contribute to the infringement of any patents, trademarks, or copyrights anywhere in the world. If any product, or part thereof is held to constitute an infringement, the supplier will, at its expense, obtain for the buyer a license to use the item, or replace or modify the same, in a manner satisfactory to the buyer, so as to avoid the infringement.


Supplier will indemnify, hold harmless and reimburse CHUMBLE SP Z O.O., its directors, employees, agents, customers and assigns from and against all claims, suits, actions, proceedings, damages, losses and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, arising out of, related to, or resulting from any breach of any representation, warranty or agreement made by the supplier in relation to any transaction with the use of the Website, or any negligence or willful misconduct of the suppliers in connection with any transaction with the use of the Website.


The supplier agrees to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including export and import, competition laws and regulations. You are responsible for paying all fees and applicable taxes associated with using and trading with the use of the Website.


Any matters not included in this Supplier’s Agreement shall be regulated by the Terms of Service.

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